Covid Fatigue — Bring on the Magic Bubbles

Even our doggy, Sugar, seems stressed and exhausted.

Signs of fatigue:

  • I chose church of “The Brady Bunch” over in-person or sofa Mass. I’m not proud, and might feel less fatigued now, Sunday at 8:53 p.m., had I not spooned up nostalgic baby food on MeTV instead of embracing prayer and faith. But I really enjoyed traveling back with a show that aired when I was ages 8 to 13 — seeing Mr. and Mrs. Brady, Alice in her blue uniform, all the kids, that nice house, Jan helping to prep the dinner salad. I caught the missing-mouse and tonsils/ice cream episodes.
  • Almost stepped on our poor dust mop, Sugar. Our little fluffy Bichon now pees 8-plus times a day, often on our old wood floors. We are (mostly, I am) in a constant whir of Swiffering. She gets underfoot a lot, especially when she sniffs a cinnamon-raisin English muffin in the toaster or bacon in the pan. She has glaucoma and cataracts, is blind in one eye. Ancient French auntie — age 16 1/2 — we love her so.
  • Even though I take a multivitamin, my energy is depleted from doing ordinary chores — laundry, dishes, a little raking as darkness fell. Oh, and watching “Meet the Press” and shuttling Skipper back and forth across town so she could help bathe her friends’ FOUR Marmaduke-sized dogs. I planned to make baked scallops, rice and broccoli for dinner but instead had a toaster bagel with Temp Tee whipped cream cheese and told Dan he could make a quesadilla with shredded Mexican cheese and a flour tortilla. In a normal year, I’d be elbow-deep in Thanksgiving pie planning by now. Off-kilter, depressing.
  • All I want to do, all I have my eye on, is a relaxing bath with Dr. Bronner’s 18-products-in-1 almond oil-infused bubbles ( I ordered a bottle for me and one for a fellow mom when I Instacarted today. The label shouts: HEAL SOUL! Help Heal PTSD, Depression, End-of-Life Anxiety & Addiction. Exactly.
  • Then maybe watch an episode or two of “Pen15” on hulu. It’s irreverent and for mature audiences, but it is so so so funny that I laugh out loud. Two actors, following actual girlhood diaries, play themselves as seventh graders in the year 2000. Our Skippy is in seventh grade, too, and it gives me some insights — her friend’s cool mom clued me into it. #grateful

Sug is ready to flop on her side in Exhausted Position, too. She looks like a tired baby lamb. She carries a lot on her tiny shoulders with this crazy family. Writing this story — expressing my feelings — alleviated my Covid fatigue a bit, so thanks for listening.

#goodnight #staysafe #chinup #notenoughcoffeeintheworld #orcandlelight #orcutesweaters #ortoastwithbutter

Alice Garbarini Hurley is a writer, editor and blogger. Contact her at

Magazine maven, craft coffee lover, legal guardian. Passionate about fashion and lipstick — though it may not look that way when I dash to the supermarket.

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