Addiction Recovery Story #31, Wild Rose: Tough Flowers Bring the Beauty

Accepting “life on life’s terms” beats at the heart of 12-step recovery programs. When things go right, or things go wrong, or things stay the same, we don’t need to wallow in our substances. We strive to keep our faces to the sun and carry on. Like the wild rose, we reach, we ramble — and we flower. This is the latest installment in the sugar & overeating addiction recovery series I started 1/31/21.

“Wild Rose” watercolor by my talented brother-in-law, artist David Hurley of Maine. Date unknown. His wife, Sheila Costello, is a gifted gardener with an eye for beauty. She tends fragrant heirloom roses, too. Dave + Sheila fell in love and married young. “Did you already have a family when you painted this?” I asked Dave. “We probably had at least two of our children,” he said. They have three smart, handsome sons and a baby grandson who looks just like Dave.