7 Life Hacks I Like During Covid

This pandemic has been long, sad, scary, dark — and limiting. But more than a few good things came out of it.

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Do you know how to cook with nettles? Me neither, but I will learn on Monday, when I prepare indigenous Thanksgiving foods—virtually—with Ethnobotanist Linda Black Elk.

Until the light comes back on, let’s all hold fast.

*I hadn’t been to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup in nearly two years, partly due to Covid closing and reopening delays.

Alice Garbarini Hurley is a writer and editor who published her first articles in high school — one was a team report about the best pizza slices in and around Dumont, New Jersey. (Uncle Frank’s was tops.) She has blogged daily for more than 10 years at TRUTH AND BEAUTY.

Magazine maven, craft coffee lover, legal guardian. Passionate about fashion and lipstick — though it may not look that way when I dash to the supermarket.

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