5 Top Secrets of Cape Cod Beauty All Year Long

Now more than ever, wide open spaces mean so much. Follow this Cape Cod nature map, from the old bird blind to the the boardwalk that crosses over the salt marsh to the water’s edge. Image* from HERE.

*I wish I knew the talented mapmaker’s name, so I could credit her or him here. If you do, please LMK.

Alice Garbarini Hurley first went with her family to Cape Cod at age 4, sitting between her parents in a white Ford Falcon while her three older siblings were squished in the back seat. Her writing has appeared in Coastal Living, InStyle and Good Housekeeping. She has blogged daily for more than 10 years at Truth and Beauty.

Magazine maven, craft coffee lover, legal guardian. Passionate about fashion and lipstick — though it may not look that way when I dash to the supermarket.

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